About the museum

The Akranes Folk Museum is the best place in Akranes to get familiar with history. The museum was established and opened in 1959 and is situated on the ancient manor of Gardar. Gardar had a church and a parsonage from the early days of Christianity in Iceland until the last part of the 19th century.

The main exhibition highlights the history of fishing, farming, housekeeping and social conditions in and around Akranes in past times. Among the items on display is a rowing boat with full rigging from 1874, a selection of other items connected with seafaring and fishing, tools and equipment of doctors and midwives, old cars and much more. In the area there are also three fully furnished old houses which can be visited and old fishing boats that are currently waiting for a roof “over their heads” which is in progress. The exhibition Iceland´s Sport Museum, various temporary exhibitions and a nice coffee house, Gardakaffi,  are also in the area. The latest addition to the museum is a lively forge where blacksmiths practice their skills. The forge is sometimes in operation for guests.

More detailed information on the buildings of the museum, including pictures, are under the section Houses on this website.