The conference „Challenges Facing Historic Ship Conservation: Reconstruction or Deconstruction? was held in Akranes and Reykjavik Iceland on February 23rd and 24th. In 2015 the mayor of Akranes sought consultation from the National Museum regarding what do do regarding conservation of the vessel Sigurfari. As the financing of earlier plans have not been realized the director of the National Museum recommended that a project manager would be hired to explore the possible approaches and make recommendations for the future of the ship. One of the outcomes of that project is the creation of a vessel record through documentation of the ship. As a part of the project this conference was held where expert speakers from Norway, Denmark, Åland Islands and Iceland shared their knowledge. Two workshops were part of the conference, one of them was in Icelandic and was focused on identifying the value of the vessel for the Akranes community, the other one was in English and had the focus on when deconstruction of a historic ship might be acceptable.

The conference was mostly financed with grants and we like to thank The Cultural Heritage Agency of Iceland, A.P. Møller fund in Denmark and Faxaports for their support.